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Standing With Someone Who Kneeled: Inside New York City’s #IStandWithKap Rally


This week, we bring you the to the heart of the several-thousand-strong #IStandWithKap rally held outside NFL Headquarters on Park Avenue, in New York City. We have engaging interviews and riveting speeches – including my own, short speech that I was honored to be asked to give. Thank you to The Nation’s Miguel Salazar for his help doing interviews at the rally.

Choice Words is brought to you by Erica Harris DeValve, Princeton grad and the wife of Cleveland Brown tight end Sean DeValve, the first white NFL player to take a knee in these national anthem protests. She explains why her husband should not be seen as a “savior.” We also respond to listener calls about whether or not the NFL’s treatment of Colin Kaepernick will make you less inclined to watch football. And stay strong Houston!

Zirin & Miguel Salazar, The NFL Is More Comfortable With Concussions Than Conscience

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L.A. vs. the Olympics


This week on the Edge of Sports Podcast we speak to journalist Molly Lambert and No Olympics LA organizer Anne Orchier about the forces behind the efforts to bring the Summer Olympics to Los Angeles and the movement to try to stop them. We also have commentary about the Golden State Warriors NBA championship victory and the trip to the White House that will never happen. In addition we have some Kaepernick watch and much more.


Molly Lambert, MTV News
Twitter: @Mollylambert

Anne Orchier, No Olympics L.A. Organizer
Twitter: @Body_Schemes

Zirin, Will the Warriors Turn Down a Trip to the White House

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Defending Title IX with Nancy Hogshead-Makar


Nancy Hogshead-Makar is a three-time gold-medalist swimmer, sexual assault survivor, and one of the most renowned Title IX attorneys in the US. We speak to her about the importance of defending Title IX and what a Donald Trump presidency could mean for the landmark 1972 legislation. We also speak to her about the Women’s March, which she attended with her 11-year-old daughters. I’ll also speak about my experience at Trump’s tiny Inauguration ceremony, and Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich collects another ‘Just Stand Up’ award for speaking truth to power.

Nancy Hogshead-Makar, Champion Women

Groups mentioned by Nancy Hogshead-Makar:
National Women’s Law Center:
California Women’s Law Project:
Equal Rights Advocates:
American Civil Liberties Union:
Athlete Ally:
You Can Play Project:

Column: I Was at Trump’s Inauguration. It Was Tiny.

Zirin on Democracy Now from Inauguration Day:

Gregg Popovic rips President Trump, administration on second day:

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Hide Your Kids: Patrick Hruby vs. High School Football


First, we hear from Patrick Hruby, a contributing editor at VICE Sports, who makes the case against High School Football in his latest piece, “Friday Night Lights Out.” Then, I tell the story of 2016 in Sports & Struggle, and finish with a ‘Just Stand Up’ award to the Women’s Basketball Team at UC Santa Barbara their Athletic Director John McCutcheon who stood up for the team’s right to protest.

Patrick Hruby: website, twitter

Friday Night Lights Out: The Case For Abolishing High School Football

UCSB AD supports Gaucho women’s basketball team’s right to kneel during National Anthem

Zirin column, 2016 in Sports: Joy and Resistance While the World Burned

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Dr. Harry Edwards On The Athlete-Activist Under Trump


Legendary sports sociologist Dr. Harry Edwards has been working with Colin Kaepernick and speaking in locker rooms around the country. We speak with him about the recent elections and the challenges as well as the opportunities it creates for this new generation of athlete-activists. We also ask Dr. Edwards what inspiration can be drawn from the life of his old friend Muhammad Ali. In addition, I have some choice words about critics of Colin Kaepernick’s decision not to vote, we have an extended just stand up award section for every athlete already standing up to Trump and we take calls about how folks are dealing with the altered political landscape.

Zirin in The Nation ‘On Colin Kaepernick’s Decision Not to Vote’

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Going Full Dissident with Howard Bryant


(pic by Brandon Soderberg)

ESPN The Magazine’s Howard Bryant joins the podcast to talk about the only issue that matters. The election of Donald Trump was a slap in the face to anyone who believes that racism, sexual assault and anti-immigrant sentiment are are bad. But the election of Trump - with a minority of the vote remember - is far more complicated that just saying it’s racism. It’s the Democratic Party, it’s the Clinton campaign, and it’s the way working class people - white, black and brown - have been crushed in this country. We also have an inspiring Just Stand Up award to the only three-time winner Wisconsin’s Nigel Hayes.

Howard Bryant: | http://howardbryant.net
Shut Out: A Story of Race and Baseball in Boston

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor:
From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation

Dave Zirin, The Nation:

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Walter Beach to Colin Kaepernick: Black Radicals in Sports

(Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf with Colin Kaepernick, holding up a photo of the Ali Summit. Walter Beach is in the top row, second from left.)

We speak to Dr. Walter Beach, starter on the Cleveland Browns 1964 Championship team and member of the famed Muhammad Ali Summit about the politics of sports and racism: what has changed and what remains the same from his days in the NFL. He is as deep a thinker as you will find and this will “wow” you. We also speak about Colin Kaepernick’s comments about the Trump=Clinton elections, the gorilla taking the field with an All Lives Matter sign, and we have a Just Stand Up award for a player released from the NFL after taking a knee in London, and the East Carolina band.

The Nation, Colin Kaepernick Has a Right to Hate Both Candidates

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John Carlos: “Follow Kaepernick to the Rainbow”

We bring sports and politics icon John Carlos in-studio to talk about how it feels to see a new generation of athletes replicate his anthem protests of 1968. Dr. Carlos - who is having a wild week - also speaks to us about the opening of the new National Museum of African American History and Culture where he was part of the unveiling of a statue of himself, and two other two men on that iconic medal stand: Tommie Smith and Peter Norman. Carlos is also in town to visit the White House. He speaks about what it feels like to be re-embraced and who he still feels owes him a damn apology (spoiler: it’s Brent Musburger.) We also have some choice words for Mike Ditka, we take listener calls and a Just Stand Up Award for the Castlemont Knights football team, showing some A plus solidarity with the protest of Colin Kaepernick. | |

The John Carlos Story: The Sports Moment That Changed the World by John Carlos and Dave Zirin

The Unbearable Bigotry of Mike Ditka:

On the Passing of HBCU and Olympic Coaching Legend Ed Temple:

After Forty-four Years, It’s Time Brent Musburger Apologized to John Carlos and Tommie Smith:

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The Fire Last Time: Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf


Before Colin Kaepernick, there was Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf. In 1996, the Denver Nuggets guard said that on principle he could not stand for the national anthem because the flag in many countries represents “oppression and tyranny.” He was fined, suspended, attacked, and yet we will hear on this week’s podcast why he has no regrets. We will also hear what advice Mahmoud Abdul Rauf has for Kaepernick and why he holds the words of Arundhati Roy and Malcolm X close to his heart. Rauf also answers listeners questions including what it felt like to drop 51 points on John Stockton. This is - in my humble opinion - the best interview we’ve done in the history of the show.

We also have some Choice Words about Megan Rapinoe’s decision to stand - or kneel - in solidarity with Kaepernick. We also answer a listener call from Patrick, who left a message on our hotline: 401 436 EDGE (3343.) Our question for next week is: what athlete do you want to hear from on the issues that Colin Kapernick has raised. Lastly we have our “just stand up” award for someone who has yet to become visible.

The Nation: This Is What Solidarity Looks Like: Why Soccer-Star Megan Rapinoe Stands With Colin Kaepernick

By The Dawn’s Early Light: Chris Jackson’s Journey to Islam

Arundhati Roy’s new book, The End of Imagination

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Colin Kaepernick’s Protest, Backlash and Resistance, with Gold-Medal Swimmer Antony Ervin & Toni Smith-Thompson


We speak to Olympic gold-medal swimmer Anthony Ervin about Colin Kaepernick’s anthem protest against police violence, Ervin’s book ‘Chasing Water,’ and life since winning gold in Rio. Then, choice words about, and then from, an athletic activist who walked in Kaepernick’s path, Toni Smith–Thompson. The ‘Just Stand Up’ award goes to Khaled Beydoun for his look at how Kaepernick is being dealt with in the sewers of sports radio. Finally, we answer a phone message from listener Ronnie that asked the Edge of Sports hotline why we speak about athletic resistance at all.

Speak your mind by calling (401) 236-3343 (EDGE.) Let us know what you think of Colin Kaepernick’s actions. Also, at this crucial moment, which sports talkers are doing it right, and who is making a fool of themselves? (401) 236-3343 (EDGE.)

Anthony Ervin:
his book, ‘Chasing Water: Elegy of an Olympian’

Toni Smith-Thompson:
DZ column, ‘Thoughts on Colin Kaepernick From an Athlete Who Walked That Path’

Khaled Beydoun

Zirin: ‘America Needs to Listen to What Colin Kaepernick Is Actually Trying to Say’

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